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Saturday, May 7, 2011

perasaan yang tersangatlah horrible...

assalammualaikum readers!!!

I dn't like to be like this.
I did'nt ask to be like this.
I don't like what happened because I'm like this.
 feeling of being insulted!
I always left behind.
 I'm not treated like it should be!
I know there will be something that leads to change.
maybe someone who will help a lot.
I knew the person will be ME
for sure! not anyone!
I just need to make some changes and transformation.
It's all I need.

do you think this person happy with her life???
smile doesn't mean she happy.

butterflsays: I'll try harder, insya'allah.


  1. be strong. indulge your life with positivity, it'll turn out okay one day ;)

  2. muke awk ni cam rina salleh sikit la kan?:)