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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

never forget to say lailahaillallah!!!

assalammualaikum readers!!!

mayb some of you pena dgr lagu nie.
anyway nak share jugak sbb lagu nie masyallah sgt2 best okay!!!

enrty untuk gamba di atas akan menyusul...
till here then, take a good care korang!!!

butterflsays: now, da x bnyk mse!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

sacrifice plus tired!

assalammualaikum readers!!!

well it quite a long time da x updated blog. 
who cares??? taupun korang memang x pena care kan. 
been busy this couple weeks sebab nk setel tu ini kan. 
*jgn nk gebang sgt la, klu ad free time pun bkn nk updated blog kan???
anyway, I would like to thanks Encik Azman because he has full filled my needs and wants.
a lot of thanks ayah!!!
seems like I have to study harder after this.
make my old man and woman proud. how I wish!

yeah! I started my degree, and its quite awkward when somebody ask you this question. 
are you a degree student???
come on! please dnt ask me this question! 
cause I still can't believe that I'm one of them...
I was like, hey I'am the 1st year student and I d'nt even know my classmate *yup most of them. and who I'm gonna be with in the class....

this weeks I have to sacrifice to send ibu to hospital early in the morning and shoot to Shah Alam. like seriously with my dizzy head driving every morning.
I just do not have the heart to let ibu drive. she always spent her time to take a nap while I drove. even my eyelid barely to close in every second.  I kept yawn most of the time.
for sure. well anything for you ibu.

okay, my exhausted and tired time will be at the evening. after I finish my class, I have to fetch her at the hospital and get stuck in the traffic jam. fuh! yes! that's my daily routine for this couples of days. you know what? sometimes, I felt kind of enjoyed doing this. having a good time with her in the car like chat, laugh together, make a joke and share some experiences. which I'm very appreciate. the most part that I love was saw people back home at the end of office hour, the chaos. hehe. seriously. they made me laugh!

 I think maybe this week i'm gonna stay at home. 
since my car still not ready. however, I will spent this tired and exhausted day with my mom. i would love to. and now I realized how tired our parent back from work. trust me. they kind of saw bed and pillows right after back home. they will sleep early. 

oh by the way, my class has started, and I hope I will focus more in the class. so far, I got a nice lecturers.
so, that's my life as a degree student and what I have been through this couples of days. 
wish me luck dude!

butterflsays: the more you spent time with them,
the more you'll love them.

p/s: ignore the grammar!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

great day!

assalammualaikum readers!!!

da malas nak updated blog panjang panjang berjela. oh! tahap kemalasan da melampaui batas. ape nk jadi daaaaa. one of my friend pun da bising bising nk tgk entry baru. ceyt! poyo je. baru sorang belum sploh! hadoi! anyway, ceghite da lapok okay. hurm, it was last monday. jom! x mao ceghite panjang panjang berjela lagi. moh la kite tgk je gambo2 awok nie. hehehe...

okay it was just three of us that day.
zaty x dpt join last minute. its okay darling, next time ye.

tengok yg tengah tengah tu,
tumbesaran melampau. nanges x berlagu*

so kitorang decide tgk movie.
terbaik dari ladang yaw!
double thumbs up lah!

sementara tunggu movie, so kitorang decide makan meatball
and daim cake for sure!!!

okay nie paen dengan meatball dye

nie uniey dgn meatball, daim cake
 and blueberry muffin dye

jom kita ke segmen muncung sedepa bersame kitorang menikmati meatball okay!

uniey dengan muncungnya bersame friesnye

saya dengan muncungnye

paen dan muncung sedepenye juge

kenangan bertige

gabungan tangan kami.

yes! it was a great day!
a lot of thanks sayang sayang.

actlly last time mse dorang klua sy x dapat join, mse tu zaty join. slalu jugak la kitorang x cukup koata. is it the right spelling??? biaq pi la. anyway, sy harap sgt kitorang akan jumpe ber4 pulak lepas nie. okay now mood nak bercuti semakin sampai ke penghujungnya. saya still lg dalam mood nk bercuti smpai lebam x hengat dunie. azira azman awk da nak further degree ye, well hey stop thinking nonsense. just be ready. okay lah da janji tadi x nk ceghite panjang panjang berjela kan. till here then. thanks sudi baca.

butterflsays: miss my sibling. 
woi balik la cepat!!!